About Coaching

Gayle Deavers at The Cool Down after Junior Worlds Track and Field Champs June 2014

I learn more about coaching running all the time. I ran for the first time in middle school for the Santa Fe Los Alamos Golden Flashes. Traveling to Junior Olympic Nationals in the 4x400, and a trip to China left huge impressions on me going into high school. I ran through my junior year; then stopped due to injury and lack of motivation. Coaching now is a treat. I have been working on my own running and have the good fortune of having Matt Holton coach me to my best 5K. Currently I assist Matt coaching adults and serious athletes.
Learning how to make tamales: cleaning the husks. '13
To find out more about me and my experience please view my up to date resume.
In Eugene, Oregon '14 for Junior Worlds with intern for www.mauirunner.com Kiana Smith, and Matt Holton.