Sunday, June 9, 2019

Our Garden

This is our garden. Matt has built a fence around it to keep the deer out and it is flourishing. There are green beans, potatoes, corn, basil, carrots, corn, pineapple, oregano, garlic and even some catnip for the kitties.

Basil is one of my favorites. It is what we use to make pesto, and I love pesto so much. We have already used it a few times to make pesto pizza and it was beyond delicious.

Some of what we are growing is in pots. The plants are happy in there. Matt has been taking off the tops of the basil plants to grow more, and some pots have three basil plants in there. It looks delicious I must say!
Then there are the beans. We have already harvested so many beans, and there are a lot more to come. I can eat green beans raw or cooked. They are a great snack and a good side when cooked in oil with a little bit of salt and garlic.

Oh the corn! This is very exciting. Corn is so yummy, and I have never grown it before. These stalks are getting larger and more green and will give us an abundance of food.
This is the first carrot we have harvested. When Matt got back from Kenya in late February, we started the garden. It is neat to see what has come from those little packages of seeds.
Ash is always in the garden. She loves to roll around in the dirt, and play around in the rows. She is always there when I am watering or pulling weeds, a good companion.
We have two rows of corn and they are growing at a rapid rate. I will be adding a video to this blog to show you the flowers on the corn. Very exciting times. I love our little garden and am so proud to see it so healthy.

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  1. Grow, Grow, Grow and keep those kitties from that cat nip.