Tuesday, May 7, 2019

2019 Hawaii State Track & Field Championships

The state meet was filled with close finishes, great interviews with the athletes, and coaches, and despite the rain the event ran very smoothly. Organizers had moved up the competition by one hour on finals day to combat the rain. It kept raining for about an hour, then it let up for the end of the meet. The boys 110 hurdles was a close one with Kamehameha Kapalama's Tanner Moku edging out Baldwins Rey Cadiz who fell over the line. I talked with Rey after the run and he was feeling defeated.
The girls 100 meter dash final was down to the line as well. The rain was coming down but it didn't stop Chenoa Frederick of Kamehameha Hilo, in fact she felt in her element in the rain.
The dominance in the boys 4x100 meter relay by Saint Louis was by seconds and impressive to watch. The team was pretty pumped up after their win, brimming with confidence.
Then it was on to the girls 1500 meter run with the first of four events for Seaburys Chloe Gangnath. She showed a lot of poise and strength in the race, and I talked with her afterwards.

The boys 300 hurdles was a display of brut strength and speed endurance. The dominant figure in the race, and winner was Tanner Moku of Kamehameha Kapalama. He was so thankful and gave many thanks in his interview below.

As the meet marched on the rain started to let up and there was a rainbow over the start of the 200's. The next big race was the girls 3000. Now Seabury's Chloe Gangnath had the 1500, and 800 already in her legs and was beat by Hawaii Baptist Academy's Johanna Seng. Seng took it out from the gun, and "ran a pace run" to victory.

The final event, the 4x400 relay is always one that the crowd gets involved in. Everyone comes down from the stands and cheers from the fence close to the runners. The boys from Radford had a beyond close finish diving at the line. I got a chance to talk with the team after their state title win.
It was a privilege to be on the infield to catch all the action. The energy from the athletes was infectious. The defeats were heart wrenching. It was an outstanding display of athletic ability, and so much fun to watch. Congratulations to all the athletes, and we will see some of you for the cross country season.

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