Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Hapalua Hawaii's Half Marathon

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Every April the Hapalua is an event to be remembered in Waikiki. The Hapalua is Hawaii's Half Marathon, and there is an interesting race within the race that is unlike any other, The Chase. I have posted a blog on profiling the Kenyans that are tasked with chasing down Team Hawaii, and I have also written about the members of Team Hawaii in detail. Take a look at my post here. On race day I will be in the pace truck taking video, stats, and watching who will cross the finish line first. Go Team Hawaii, this is your year to win it! Team Hawaii's Staggered Groups have been announced. Read all about it, plus get the PR's of Team Hawaii's half marathons to get a better idea of what the race will look like. Link to the post here.

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