Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Coaching Kayla-A View of What We Do

Working with Kayla and her family has been a central part of our lives and Matt has put together the documentation of the season with the video above. Last weekend was the Championship on Maui, and the end of the season. Kayla however wants to keep going forward and is looking to compete in the Junior Olympic cross country season that starts with the State XC Champs on Oahu, November 11th. She has to be top five so she can participate in the national meet in Reno, NV in December. We will continue to work the fundamentals and training that Coach Matt is putting together for Kayla through Nationals. We have found inspiration from an unlikely source in Norway. More about that on Matt's latest post over on our running blog mauirunner.com here. Aloha and thank you for reading my blog.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

First Win - Youth Cross Country 2018

What a fun morning. The little girl that Matt and I have been coaching since track and field, won the first meet of the Youth Cross Country season today. I captured Kayla's race, and the 6th-8th grade boys after in the video above. Please take a look at the race review over on mauirunner.com here. Congratulations to you Kayla you have been working hard, and we have a lot more to do. Good job to you Coach Matt, and Mike for your super support of this youth athlete.