Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Hapalua-Hawaii’s Half Marathon

The Hapalua Hawaii’s Half Marathon was an incredible event. I reached several goals: I started, kept running when passing the finish line, and finished strong and smiling. This is the beginning of a collage I am making that when finished will also include Matt’s number and some other important goodies that he got as a member of Team Hawaii and The Chase the race within the race at The Hapalua. More on that over at our running website.
It was empowering to take on this challenge, and I just can not thank my boyfriend Matt enough for encouraging me to take on the 13.1 mile challenge about four weeks after my first manic episode on February 15th. I love you Matt and thank you for all the therapy and support hat you continue to give to me. This collage grew to include Matt's number and some of his special gear as member of #teamhawaii2018, and as part of the media too. 

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