Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waldorf Cross Country is Loads of Fun

6-8 Graders run the second half of their race at Seabury Hall. 
The first meet of the season for the Haleakala Waldorf Cross Country team was a great success. The team was lucky number 13 strong with seven boys and six girls. Four runners are returning for their second year, and the rest are brand new to running on a Cross Country team.
Read the results at The Maui News here.
The team will be learning about team scoring over the coming weeks. In an effort to teach this important part of Cross Country, Matt and I scored the results.
Girls Team Results here.
Boys Team Results here. post on Youth Cross Country here.

There is a lot of potential on this team. It will be a fun season full of working hard, and having fun exploring the community through running.