Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Our friends Stacy and Sean are leaving Maui for a bit of time, and we spent the day together with a group of friends starting with the sunrise at a lookout on Haleakala. You have to get up painfully early; 3:40 in our case to make it, but it was certainly worth it!

We get to go down there!
Then it was down Sliding Sands we hiked. This is the only way to travel on this cinder filled path. We took an extra loop to see the Bottomless Pit, and Pele's Paint Pot on our way to Holua cabin. Then it was up the dramatic switchback through the clouds, mist and light rain up Halemau'u trail. Rainbow Bridge was a stop before the final push up before going to the beach.
The day ended with rain in the distance, three rainbows, a great group swim, and a non-stop action filled drive to the airport. Best to our friends on their journey! Maui no ka oi.

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