Sunday, April 29, 2012

M.I.L. Track and Field Championships 2012

The high school M.I.L. Track and Field Championships was a fun event to be a part of. There were a lot of state qualifying perfomances and the conditions were beautiful.
The athletes were excited, and yet relaxed, and most definetly focused. There was a lot of intesity, and emotion.
Boys 4x400 line up for the final event.

I am using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet to write this blog. The photos and video I've uploaded to youtube are also from the tablet (see my channel here:  ). 

Recently we got a Go Pro 2, and I shot a combination of burst photos (10 a second), and still wide angle photos in high quality (11 Megapixel), and HD quality (960 FPS) video both days of the M.I.L. meet. To see all the media, race reviews and more visit I was given access as media to the field, and got some great shots! Here's a video combination of some of the burst shots of various track and field events.

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