Monday, March 19, 2012

Matt's "Maui" Chosen for Art Maui 2012

The study "Maui" that led to the selected  work.

I couldn't be more proud of my guy having his art selected for the annual art exhibit at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center for Art Maui 2012. He started the process by creating the study just 12" x 21.5". This piece led to the much larger piece 88" x 44" that was selected entitled "Maui". Maui is a demi-God that was quite mischievous. He was always tricking somebody. One time while out with his brothers fishing Maui started to pull up the island of Maui, and told his brothers that they must help him pull up the large fish he had on his hook.
Close up of "Maui" 88" x 44" acrylic on irregular canvas
The piece that Matt created is larger than life, and has so much going on. Maui is looking down on the viewer, with an intensity that is felt when looking at him. His muscular body is perched up on the end of the boat with his brothers in the background, and the sail of their boat is also in view. The motion in the sea is splashing everywhere, and the atmosphere, and the clouds are moving, and have a bit of darkness, and light setting the tone for what Maui is doing.
We are excited to go to the Artists Reception, and look forward to the month long exhibit. This sort of validation for Matt's work is long overdue, and I am full of anticipation of what will come next in Matt's blossoming art career. 
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