Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Fe Striders

When getting ready for my visit to Santa Fe, I thought I would try to find a  group to Run with. I was fortunate to connect with the Santa Fe Striders first through email with Eric. I met up with the group for their Sunday run. When pulling into the parking lot I was surprised to see an old friend from my club running days with the Santa Fe Los Alamos Golden Flashes, Kevin Brennan. The group met between 8, and 8:15 or so, and then Eric described the run we would embark on in great detail. We then introduced ourselves, as there was a mix of locals and visitors.
Then we were off! We were to start in the arroyos which can make for challenging running because the sand is quite thick, and there are lots of little rocks. The group likes to stay together, and as I started to drift towards the back of the pack, Kevin doubled back and stayed with me. I only made it around 20 minutes in the arroyos before I turned back to achieve my 30-40 minutes of running, but the rest of the group continued out of the sand and onto trails, and headed up towards Sun Mountain for their two hour adventure.
The group was so friendly and they made what would have just been a difficult, cold run at altitude, really fun, and interesting. Thank you Santa Fe Striders for the great run. I look forward to running with you again whenever I am in New Mexico.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rowdy Mountain Track Club Growing

Stretching before a Rowdy Mountain run up at the Forest Reserve this Summer

Rowdy Mountain Track Club is to begin the club Cross Country season this Thursday. Take a look at the schedule here: Goals for the club include running a distance of up to three miles, strengthening our core, and having fun.

Rowdy Mountain's Niko running at the Hershey's track meet in June

There are four good races coming up on Maui that can help test our fitness, and interact with the larger running community on Maui. The aim of the Youth portion of the club, is to expose them to Maui Interscholastic League levels of Cross Country and athletics programs in order to allow them to get familiar with the opportunities available to them in the future.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waldorf Cross Country is Loads of Fun

6-8 Graders run the second half of their race at Seabury Hall. 
The first meet of the season for the Haleakala Waldorf Cross Country team was a great success. The team was lucky number 13 strong with seven boys and six girls. Four runners are returning for their second year, and the rest are brand new to running on a Cross Country team.
Read the results at The Maui News here.
The team will be learning about team scoring over the coming weeks. In an effort to teach this important part of Cross Country, Matt and I scored the results.
Girls Team Results here.
Boys Team Results here. post on Youth Cross Country here.

There is a lot of potential on this team. It will be a fun season full of working hard, and having fun exploring the community through running.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Our friends Stacy and Sean are leaving Maui for a bit of time, and we spent the day together with a group of friends starting with the sunrise at a lookout on Haleakala. You have to get up painfully early; 3:40 in our case to make it, but it was certainly worth it!

We get to go down there!
Then it was down Sliding Sands we hiked. This is the only way to travel on this cinder filled path. We took an extra loop to see the Bottomless Pit, and Pele's Paint Pot on our way to Holua cabin. Then it was up the dramatic switchback through the clouds, mist and light rain up Halemau'u trail. Rainbow Bridge was a stop before the final push up before going to the beach.
The day ended with rain in the distance, three rainbows, a great group swim, and a non-stop action filled drive to the airport. Best to our friends on their journey! Maui no ka oi.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rowdy Mountain Track Club

Rowdy Mountain lane 6 Sean Tearing up the 100 meters 
From Rowdy Mountain Track Club
Since returning from Oregon, and the Prefontaine Classic Matt and I have been working with intermediate and high school runners. Group runs, and daily workouts provide opportunities to gain strength, and endurance. The Rowdy Mountain Track Club participated in our first event of the summer, the Hersheys Track Meet Friday, June 15th for youth runners up to 8th grade. Valley Isle Road Runner had an open meet running at the same time so high schoolers, adults and masters could race.
The club did so well at both open and Hersheys events. Read more on about Hershey's.
Rowdy Mountin at the Makawao Forest Reserve
Running has been a lot of fun so far this summer. There's another open track meet at War Memorial Friday, June 22nd follwed by Will's Run for Hope, the following morning Saturday, June 23rd, with 2K, and 5K fun runs. Check our Group Run page for times and places to run with Rowdy Mountain Track Club.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prefontaine Classic 2012 Experience

Me and Sanya Richards-Ross
From Prefontaine Classic
The Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon was more than I could have ever imagined. Starting with the fact was granted media accredidations by the Diamond League. Media pass gave us access to ares with the at lets up close starting with the press meeting Friday afternoon. Friday evening was Hollister night that hosted five events including the Kenyan Olympic trials for 10,000 meters. Saturday the Prefontaine Classic started at 11, and we were treated to 16 track and field events. We witnessed numerous season bests, personal bests, four meet records, and five world leading accomplishments. To read all about the experience please visit here.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

M.I.L. Track and Field Championships 2012

The high school M.I.L. Track and Field Championships was a fun event to be a part of. There were a lot of state qualifying perfomances and the conditions were beautiful.
The athletes were excited, and yet relaxed, and most definetly focused. There was a lot of intesity, and emotion.
Boys 4x400 line up for the final event.

I am using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet to write this blog. The photos and video I've uploaded to youtube are also from the tablet (see my channel here:  ). 

Recently we got a Go Pro 2, and I shot a combination of burst photos (10 a second), and still wide angle photos in high quality (11 Megapixel), and HD quality (960 FPS) video both days of the M.I.L. meet. To see all the media, race reviews and more visit I was given access as media to the field, and got some great shots! Here's a video combination of some of the burst shots of various track and field events.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Matt's "Maui" Chosen for Art Maui 2012

The study "Maui" that led to the selected  work.

I couldn't be more proud of my guy having his art selected for the annual art exhibit at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center for Art Maui 2012. He started the process by creating the study just 12" x 21.5". This piece led to the much larger piece 88" x 44" that was selected entitled "Maui". Maui is a demi-God that was quite mischievous. He was always tricking somebody. One time while out with his brothers fishing Maui started to pull up the island of Maui, and told his brothers that they must help him pull up the large fish he had on his hook.
Close up of "Maui" 88" x 44" acrylic on irregular canvas
The piece that Matt created is larger than life, and has so much going on. Maui is looking down on the viewer, with an intensity that is felt when looking at him. His muscular body is perched up on the end of the boat with his brothers in the background, and the sail of their boat is also in view. The motion in the sea is splashing everywhere, and the atmosphere, and the clouds are moving, and have a bit of darkness, and light setting the tone for what Maui is doing.
We are excited to go to the Artists Reception, and look forward to the month long exhibit. This sort of validation for Matt's work is long overdue, and I am full of anticipation of what will come next in Matt's blossoming art career. 
Read more about, "Maui", Art Maui, and the Maui Study by following these links:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Waldorf Track and Field 2012

6th grader showing style while doing the long jump.
Coaching at Haleakala Waldorf school has been an amazing learning experience for me. In the summer I connected with the Physical Movement teacher at the school Stanley Bartlett. Together we have been coaching the middle school athletics, and I have been focusing on the running sports; cross country (XC), and now Track and Field. Please take a look at the Waldorf Track and Field and XC page on my site here: for more detailed information about our team.
6th Grade line up for the 100 meter dash.

7th grade boys with Coach Stanley Bartlett
On Saturday, March 3rd we had our first track meet after just four short weeks of practices twice weekly, and once on the weekend. The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students came out in great numbers with 29 children on the team this year. The first meet was held at the beautiful track at Kamehameha school. This facility it top notch, and it was a pleasure to attend. There was light rain in the early morning, so we were lucky to have cool, and somewhat cloudy conditions to perform our best.  

The meet started off with the team warming up and running on a track for the first time, as we have been practicing up at Kula Park on the grass. Then the long jump started, where we represented strongly, with 11 jumpers. Then the races started. We had some fantastic performances for the 100, 200, and 400 meter dashes. There were feelings of surprise, elation, and even a few tears. There were several changes in all of the relays, and a change in the long jump, and through it all the team was so supportive of each other. Compromises were made, and it was all done with a happy heart.
7th Grade Relay Team
Our relay teams all had great hand-off's, and held on to those batons (not one drop!). We all had fantastic starts, and our running form was looking good. I couldn't have been more proud of the children, and their determination, and perseverance. I am so looking forward to our last meet this coming Saturday, March 10th at War Memorial stadium in Kahului. I have hopes of continuing on with as many children that are interested for upcoming races hosted by Valley Isle Road Runner (next race up: 5K March 17th, 5PM, Ale House, Kahului). Please take a look at our running website at Coaching is not easy, and has tested my skills in multi-tasking. I am so fortunate to be coaching. This form of teaching is dynamic, and a lot of fun.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kids Play Art

Part III (Read Part I, Read Part II)
The new playground at Haleakala Waldorf School. The complete transformation of the kiawe wood has been amazing to watch. The artistry, and craftsmanship has really shone through.

Thanks to PlayGroundology for the write up Check out this story.