Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moulton TSR 27

The new bike!

A Moulton TSR (travel, sport, and recreation) 27. 

We just got the coolest bike. One of its many features includes the separable frame. We took just under an hour to completely disassemble the bike and fit it into this bag. The Moulton TSR was a big purchase for us, and we knew it made sense for our work, and travel needs. I will ride to work in Keokea, just five or so miles from the house and back, and have found it to be a pleasure on this bike. I used to ride a mountain bike not meant for the road, and found it to be heavy and sluggish.
The TSR 27 has so many gears that no matter how steep the slope down, or the climb up you are getting a great ride. The shocks are amazing. The bumps are no longer felt, and it is smooth riding.
More to come once we bring the bike to Oahu in February for among other things the Great Aloha Run that Matt and I will be participating in.

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