Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moulton TSR 27

The new bike!

A Moulton TSR (travel, sport, and recreation) 27. 

We just got the coolest bike. One of its many features includes the separable frame. We took just under an hour to completely disassemble the bike and fit it into this bag. The Moulton TSR was a big purchase for us, and we knew it made sense for our work, and travel needs. I will ride to work in Keokea, just five or so miles from the house and back, and have found it to be a pleasure on this bike. I used to ride a mountain bike not meant for the road, and found it to be heavy and sluggish.
The TSR 27 has so many gears that no matter how steep the slope down, or the climb up you are getting a great ride. The shocks are amazing. The bumps are no longer felt, and it is smooth riding.
More to come once we bring the bike to Oahu in February for among other things the Great Aloha Run that Matt and I will be participating in.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Kinderspielkunst Waldorf Playground Draft Design

Rough Draft Design 
Main Play Structure Piece
Part II (Read Part I, Read Part III)
Exciting day! This was the day when the plans were revealed to the faculty, staff, board members, and parents of the school by the Kinderspielkunst playground designers, Wilfried Brewer, and Walter Peter. When I arrived on campus for the meeting I found Wilfried, and Walter busy at work with chainsaw, and wood working tools in hand. The wood that I observed just yesterday has already started to be transformed, and accompanied with the rough draft design I am able to start to see what a glorious playground we are so lucky to have at our school.
Design Discussion
Walter answered several questions from all of us and explained the concept of the playground, and how he felt the children would experience it. Safety being in the fore-front of his mind, yet his creativity and artistry shining through. He told us the children will be able to be active on the structure, and made quite aware of their bodies on it. He explained that one can not rush through this playground, and that the children will have to assist each other and work together to experience the full benefits.
One of my favorite parts of the design is the tower that can be occupied by one to three children. It is sort of the capitans spot. A special place that all the children will enjoy at different times, and a coveted spot no doubt. I can imagine the children crawling all over this amazing piece of art, and I am so fortunate to be able to see it being constructed.
On Monday the guys will be back hard at work, and I will be there to document, and share the progress with you.

Found the guys hard at work on Wednesday, and I spoke with Wilfried breifly. Walter was still carving into the arch piece with a chainsaw, and it looks like progress is slow, and hard, but the pieces are really coming to life. Looking forward to the next steps in the finalization of the playground. To see more photos of the playground, and other photos of Haleakala Waldorf School take a look at my photo album here: Haleakala Waldorf. Here is some video of the work with the kiawe wood.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Playground at Waldorf from Kinderspielkunst

Excited for the new playground

Part I (Read Part II, Read Part III)
This winter break the children of Haleakala Waldorf School are getting a terrific gift: a new playground. I went down to campus to check out what was going on, and found a big pile of kiawe wood piled up in the parking stalls near the grades building on campus. Timo a 4th grade student was accompanying me on my discovery tour. We checked out the wood, and I then went on to investigate the materials that the builders will be using, and took a look at the playground to see where the structure will be built.
Wilfried Brewer and Walter Peter from the playground company Kinderspielkunst ( arrived a few days ago on the island of Maui, and tomorrow will draw up plans for the free form, unique structure for our school.

As the structure comes to life, I will continue to document the progress. Take a look at some work these creative artists have completed here:

Plot on playground for new structure.
Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!