Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coaching Haleakala Waldorf XC

On the line at Giggle Hill 9/3/11
I am so fortunate to be coaching the excellent middle school runners at Haleakala Waldorf School this Cross Country (XC) season. My guide in this journey into middle school athletics, is the experienced Stanley Bartlet the Physical Education teacher at Waldorf. Not only does he play games with the entire school, he is also the Athletic Director. Last year when Matt and I volunteered for the 5th grade Pentathlon, Stanley noticed my zeal for athletics.

Matt is helping run practices along with a dedicated parent volunteer Jerry. The team is really coming together, and I am continually inspired by the children. I am able to join the team on the weekend for meets, and for fun runs on Sunday. We had our first Sunday fun run up at the Makawao Forest Reserve last weekend, and practice at Keokea Park for Labor Day.

Take a look at the Waldorf XC page here: http://www.anacristinapineda.com/p/waldorf-cross-country.html (You can find the tab up on the top of my website Waldorf XC) to see all the latest about the team, as I will update regularly.

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