Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hana Relay & Front Street Mile

Zombie Runners!
What a last couple of weeks it has been. I have been lucky enough to compete in two of the larger events on Maui;
the Hana Relay, and the Front Street Mile. 
For the 40th Annual Hana Relay on September 10th, I was slotted to run one leg for a men's team. 
Teams are encouraged to dress up, and our theme was zombies.
It was great fun, and we were surprised by our fantastic finish under six hours, at 5:49:42. 
I  ended up running two legs: the first, and the last (with Morgan, and the rest of the team to the finish line). 
We got 9th place overall, against 150 other teams, and 5th in our  division, averaging 6:27 miles. 
Serious fun good times. 
Many thanks to my team  members: Matt, Morgan, Jeremy,Dennis, Taylor, and Q. 
Thanks to Fred too for your  stellar support!
Then on the 17th of September it was time to run the Front Street Mile. 
To add to this huge event, I also was fortunate to attend the High School XC meet held at the Ritz in Kapalua 
that morning at 9. 
Seeing the boys then girls run the very challenging course was inspirational. 
Some of the boys from Maui High, and Seabury had also run the Hana Relay, 
and it was fun to see them running in yet another environment. 
Watching Matt(whom helps coach the Seabury girls team)working with the girls is so much fun. 
They are all getting so strong, and Matt is really helping them focus, and develop a deep understanding of running,
and racing.

After the races in the morning, it was time for Matt to prepare for a lecture he gave at the Maui Marathon Expo.
in the afternoon. His talk was easily applicable to any distance, and I found myself using his advice 
during my mile race just a few hours after his talk. 
Take a look at Matt's talking points on making the most of the Maui Marathon on here
At 2:30 I met my middle school runners from the  Haleakala Waldorf XC, 
along with other children from the school on Front Street to prepare for their 4th XC meet. 
We didn't need to warm up much since the temperature was in the 90's, 
but we needed to run off some jitters,and move around a bit. The mood was excited, with a touch of nervousness
with a big dose of fun. 

When Matt arrived the children were excited to have all the coaches there to cheer them on. 
The team did fantastically well and you can see the results on my Waldorf XC  page
After the children ran, it was time for me to prepare to run the mile.
I have been watching Matt run this race with his friends over the last 6 years, and now it was my turn. 
I went out way to fast, and almost lost it in the first 600 meters or so, but was 
then able to have a sprinting finish thanks to the energy of the crowd, supporters, and Dennis running beside me 
cheering me on! What fun. I finished in 7:31, and am excited to take a bite out of my next race perhaps in late 
October where I will run a 5K. 
It is quite exciting (coming from a sprinter background) to learn what distance running is all about! Finally I am back into athleticism after a long break, and I am loving every minute of it.

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Coaching Haleakala Waldorf XC

    On the line at Giggle Hill 9/3/11
    I am so fortunate to be coaching the excellent middle school runners at Haleakala Waldorf School this Cross Country (XC) season. My guide in this journey into middle school athletics, is the experienced Stanley Bartlet the Physical Education teacher at Waldorf. Not only does he play games with the entire school, he is also the Athletic Director. Last year when Matt and I volunteered for the 5th grade Pentathlon, Stanley noticed my zeal for athletics.

    Matt is helping run practices along with a dedicated parent volunteer Jerry. The team is really coming together, and I am continually inspired by the children. I am able to join the team on the weekend for meets, and for fun runs on Sunday. We had our first Sunday fun run up at the Makawao Forest Reserve last weekend, and practice at Keokea Park for Labor Day.

    Take a look at the Waldorf XC page here: (You can find the tab up on the top of my website Waldorf XC) to see all the latest about the team, as I will update regularly.