Sunday, July 17, 2011


Eve, and Baraka with the Buddha

Last Thursday night there was a full moon. Matt and I were invited to the Sacred Garden  for the full moon Labyrinth walk by the inspirational Eve Hogan, this particular Thursday.

We know Eve, and the Sacred Garden by way of Matt's artwork ( We have been working with Eve since 2007, and her support has always been tremendous. There are hopes of Matt painting the Buddha on site in the future. Night , is presently for sale at the Garden found in Makawao, off Baldwin Ave nestled in Maliko Gulch.
Night 16"x48" hexagonal
canvas, Matt Holton

Eve gave a talk about how she found the amazing wooden Buddha, we listened to some ethereal music by Dreaming Bear (a.k.a. Baraka Kanaan), we sang/chanted, and then it was time to talk about the labyrinth. Eve gave a detailed description about how the use the labyrinth, and how to work in the metaphors that present themselves while on your journey to the center, in the center, and back out to the beginning the way you came.
There were around 50 people of all ages there traversing the labyrinth together in the moonlight. It was fun. The labyrinth is created with rocks, on gravel, is circular, and has a somewhat narrow path. The moonlight was bright, yet only really visible through the canvas of trees surrounding the property, and the labyrinth. Once we were done we talked about our experiences.
I really like learning about the labyrinth, and Eve is an excellent teacher. Matt and I are thinking about how we can make a labyrinth up at our place. Thanks Eve for a neat experience.

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