Tuesday, May 10, 2011

State Track Meet

I had a great time at the State Track Meet last weekend. Supporting Matt, and his athletes from Seabury Hall was good fun.
I snapped a lot of photos, and even got some video. Matt put it all together in this fantastic photo/video montage! 

For complete coverage and details please visit our running blog at mauirunner.com.
It is so great to be involved again in running. I was first introduced to track in sixth grade by way of the Santa Fe, Los Alamos Golden Flashes Junior Olympic Track Club, and ran through high school. My experience running was all about the social aspects, and not so much about staying healthy. Now that I'm a bit older I am finding the benefits of building community around being healthy. Even though I don't run now, and choose to bike, I still love, love, love watching runners, and cycling around running events on Maui. I aspire to put together a summer track club just like the one I was introduced to, and mauirunner will help make that dream a reality!


  1. Great weekend of track and field on Maui. Thanks for all the photos and video.

  2. Hey thanks for the kewl cameo pix. My fav was the shave ice one too!

    Also you think I could get my hands on that roll of digital please? I like keeping pix now that we're getting older and now that I'm realiziing that youth will be lost soon.