Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Heart the Aluminum Man

The Aluminum Man series is a fun way to see what parts of the triathlon are all about. This is a for fun series put on by long time Maui race directors Jamie & Nancy. The events are all free, and usually include a swim in the ocean and a run. Participants are urged to be safe and have fun. No matter what the course, you can choose what you want to do. Today I chose to swim about 400 meters, run around 400 meters on the beach, then run for another 30 minutes in Wailea. This was my first time running since injury around 8 months ago. It really built up my confidence, and if felt great. Congratulations to everyone whom participated including Maui Runner team members Matt, Jeremy, and Taylor, and Valley Isle Road Runner President Morgan.
It was great fun, and at the end I won a door prize and traded it for someone else's prize: an ice cold Guinness, with Aluminum Man beer cozy. Sweet. There was also a high schooler there educating us about hemp, and it's nutritional value, and all around use. He had made up some yummy snacks that were perfect after exercising. Jamie and Nancy have been putting on the Aluminum Man for over 15 years now, and this is the last year. For more information on the remaining events please visit the upcoming events on
Yesterday, Maui Runner measured out the Will's 5K, and 2K courses. Matt and I started with the calibration process, and Morgan and Jeremy helped with measurement with a wheel, and marking the turnarounds for both distances that will be run next weekend.
Using the Wheel

We wanted to help out the race because it is for such a good cause, and for the chance to learn about how to measure out a course using USATF guidelines. For more information on this race please visit our running website

Good times this weekend. Getting out, and enjoying the island is really the only way to go.

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