Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Heart the Aluminum Man

The Aluminum Man series is a fun way to see what parts of the triathlon are all about. This is a for fun series put on by long time Maui race directors Jamie & Nancy. The events are all free, and usually include a swim in the ocean and a run. Participants are urged to be safe and have fun. No matter what the course, you can choose what you want to do. Today I chose to swim about 400 meters, run around 400 meters on the beach, then run for another 30 minutes in Wailea. This was my first time running since injury around 8 months ago. It really built up my confidence, and if felt great. Congratulations to everyone whom participated including Maui Runner team members Matt, Jeremy, and Taylor, and Valley Isle Road Runner President Morgan.
It was great fun, and at the end I won a door prize and traded it for someone else's prize: an ice cold Guinness, with Aluminum Man beer cozy. Sweet. There was also a high schooler there educating us about hemp, and it's nutritional value, and all around use. He had made up some yummy snacks that were perfect after exercising. Jamie and Nancy have been putting on the Aluminum Man for over 15 years now, and this is the last year. For more information on the remaining events please visit the upcoming events on
Yesterday, Maui Runner measured out the Will's 5K, and 2K courses. Matt and I started with the calibration process, and Morgan and Jeremy helped with measurement with a wheel, and marking the turnarounds for both distances that will be run next weekend.
Using the Wheel

We wanted to help out the race because it is for such a good cause, and for the chance to learn about how to measure out a course using USATF guidelines. For more information on this race please visit our running website

Good times this weekend. Getting out, and enjoying the island is really the only way to go.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

State Track Meet

I had a great time at the State Track Meet last weekend. Supporting Matt, and his athletes from Seabury Hall was good fun.
I snapped a lot of photos, and even got some video. Matt put it all together in this fantastic photo/video montage! 

For complete coverage and details please visit our running blog at
It is so great to be involved again in running. I was first introduced to track in sixth grade by way of the Santa Fe, Los Alamos Golden Flashes Junior Olympic Track Club, and ran through high school. My experience running was all about the social aspects, and not so much about staying healthy. Now that I'm a bit older I am finding the benefits of building community around being healthy. Even though I don't run now, and choose to bike, I still love, love, love watching runners, and cycling around running events on Maui. I aspire to put together a summer track club just like the one I was introduced to, and mauirunner will help make that dream a reality!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

After School Care is the Best

It is time for the yearbook over at Haleakala Waldorf School, and my fellow after school care teacher Shelly suggested we try and get some photos in. I am so glad that she had this great idea. We have been taking photos, and finally I did some editing and chose to create this collage. The collage quickly turned into an informational flyer that I am proud to share with you all.

Shelley takes care of the preschool, and kindergarteners, and I take on the grades, that's 1st through 8th. I also am in charge of the enrichment classes. This year we have had drama, plushorama (that's a sewing class), ceramics, whale watch, creative movement, and fun with felting to name a few.

Classes are offered once a week, 
for 8 weeks for $125

I am currently working on getting together a school calendar for the enrichment courses for the entire next school year in an effort to be more organized for our school community. This way parents and children can make their plans in advance, and I can fill up classes prior to the school year starting, or at least start the sign up process earlier. I have learned a lot being the after school care coordinator, and I look forward to the last 5 weeks of school with the children, and the 2011-2012 school year.