Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holidays 2010/2011

Happy, happy new years! It has been a beautiful holiday season for me and Matt. 

A bit of time off from school over the past couple of weeks has given me time to spend with Matt, and nature.

The Makawao Forest Reserve is so beautiful. We were there on the Tuesday before Christmas.

Then in a flash it was New Years day. Matt made a pear, apple, loquat, and lilikoi pie from scratch.

After pie we went to Ho'okipa for some waves and sun.

The last sunset of 2010.

  The chickens were all ready for a happy new years eve.

Dessert numero uno. Creme brulee, and light pastry.

30 ft. long firecracker. 

Surprise birthday cake!

Coffee ice cream stuffed pastry; the final dessert of the evening!
Now a short video of the fireworks!
The tradition of burning fireworks/money brings good luck. Bring it 2011!

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