Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Year Has Passed

Matt & I with his Grandfather. 2009
As the anniversary of my bicycle accident approached I wondered what the day would be like. I found myself reflecting on the last year. I feel physically; I have recovered so well thanks to a great combination of support, and fantastic doctors: Dr. Galpin, Dr. Clarke, and Dr. Vallejos. I also found myself looking back at the life of Matt's grandfather who passed away this year. Although I knew him for a short time, I am inspired by how he lived his life. Worked hard to provide for his family, and loved the simple things in life. He was pruning his avocado tree weeks before he was gone. What he has taught me is to live life simply, and to simply live my life.

It ended up being a nice day seeing friends, exercising, and relaxation. Matt and I went down to Kanaha Park, and Matt participated in the Christmas 5K put on by VIRR. I walked the course with Matt's sister Jessica and her husband Morgan, and their two dogs. It was a fun walk followed by an excellent pot luck. The rest of the day was spent at home playing the card games gin, and uno.
lilies in the dusk moonlight tonight 12/17
I am so grateful for all the support since my accident. My gratitude for Matt, and his family, my family, friends, teachers and parents at Fun, 2, 3, and Haleakala Waldorf School is hard to express. I am part of a wonderful community, and I am thankful for it.
After a full week of work, I walked up to a lily patch near our house. What a beautiful Maui evening. Happy Holidays!

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