Monday, November 22, 2010

Mellow Birthday

What a day! Excellent food: fresh cream cheese,  loquat & strawberry crepes for breakfast, my cake for lunch, and a beautiful fresh pesto carbonara for dinner. Thank you steve & doreen for your monster basil in your yard! This followed by our Mission to Marzipan ice cream & brownie cake (also stuffed with fresh strawberries!) I am full!
Thanks to you mama & papa for your fun (& practical! love it!) gifts.

My birthday celebration started Monday with Morgan & Jess. We had a fantastic dinner, dessert, and some good beer too. I started to burn this apple candle they gave me the next day.

This morning Matt gave me these flowers. I also got this sweet card from Matt's grandmother.

Then it was off to the beach. We stopped at Matt's parents place to feed the kitty and Matt found these beautiful roses.

Then a fantastic sunset to bring in the evening. Now some fresh pesto on pasta & delicious cake for dessert.

What a great birthday! 

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