Sunday, October 10, 2010


What a date! What does it mean?
All I know is that it will be awhile until we will have a date like this again. Next year in November, and the following year in December, but then it won't be again until the year 3001.
Is that right? That just blew my mind.

Today I was re-introduced to the musings of songwriter Spike Jones. If you have never heard of this artist, or have and haven't heard him in awhile, you have got to check this out:

I love this sort of silly stuff when I'm in the right mood. Thanks mama for reminding me to be sure and laugh! As I continue to deal with my accident, emotionally and physically I sometimes feel down. I know this is natural, and I am not the only one; and laughing certainly makes me feel good.
Have a great rest of your Sunday, and may the week be one filled with more than a few laughs!

P.S. Do we need to come up with a party plan for 11.11.11 or 12.12.12 or what?

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