Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oona a Retrospective

Last week I went out first thing in the morning to water the back yard, and saw what I thought was a relaxed Oona with her little head coming out of her hutch. After a few moments it was obvious that Oona was no longer with us. We had Oona for three and a half years, and she gave me so much.
It's funny how animals that we have leave such an impression in my heart.  I think about Oona all the time! Matt found her in his parents yard, sitting in the rain all by herself. She was no bigger than a coffee cup. We named her after Charlie Chaplins wife Oona. I brought her to my Kindergarten classroom, and she also visited Fun, 2, 3 preschool. Oona spent a lot of time in the house with me during my recovery. Something about her; she made me feel like a little girl. She was so soft too. Especially the fine hair behind her ears.
Whenever I prepare a meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner I think of Oona. She always got the core of the lettuce, top and bottom of the tomatoes, strawberries, and even the occasional pancake, or piece of bread.
Her picture will remain in my locket, and she will forever remain in my heart.
In other news: I started school this week at Haleakala Waldorf School. It has been awesome. We are gaining enrollment in the enrichment classes, and overall the After School Care program is full of fun and games. It's really great to be back with the children. I have also decided to start taking Adult Waldorf Education classes to familiarize myself better with the methodology.
Living on Maui has brought me so much. Aloha.

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