Monday, July 12, 2010

Positive Changes

From Making a Sign
My dental plan has changed, but I couldn't be happier about it. Before I was over scheduling a bit, with work, and not taking into consideration the financial hardship I was imposing on myself and my parents. I canceled my appointment in late June for the first phase of my dental implants, and am looking at an August appointment. This has been a relief. This is mostly possible because of my temporaries/flipper. It is so real looking, and works just fine in regards to eating. It has been nice to gain a bit of control of my health care, and not worry so much about calendars.
I have continued riding my bike to and from school two, to three times weekly. That's 30 miles a week! It is fun. Even if the sun is beating down on me, being out on the road is a feeling of relaxation and exercise simultaneously. I have a bit of my endurance back. Feels great.

That sign up there was partially painted by yours truly, Matt did the lettering, and helped build the sign along with Jake, Jeremy, and Jordan ( I never noticed all those "J's" before now). Jordan's' dad is running for Mayor, and we had a lot of fun making it! Except when it broke in half, but the guys put it back together.
Other things on my mind... News

This looks very hopeful! After such a long time of gushing oil, looks like this cap is actually doing something. On the other hand the devastation to the wildlife in the Gulf is disturbing. This blog has put together all the photos since the leak started on 4/20/10. I took time to look at them all, and it is startling to say the least.

All is looking bright and clear today. I have been working on the formation of the After School Care program at Haleakala Waldorf School, and I am pleased with what has come together so far. I ran into a student I know today whom is excited to enter the third grade. I am so pleased that I will be a part of the 2010-2011 school year. This change in my work situation, given that I will be working a five minute walk from home is fantastic. To be a part of the staff of Haleakala Waldorf, and to be working with the wonderful children there is simply lovely. I really can't wait until school starts on the 18th of August. However, I also want to enjoy my remaining time at Fun, 2, 3 preschool until then, and make the best of the end of the school year there that's coming up. We will be graduating a handful of students ready to embark on Kindergarten. The Moving Up Ceremony is always a sweet event that is attended by families geared with all of their cameras and dressed up, complete with lei's made by the senior residents of Kula Hospital, which is associated with the preschool program.
Change is the only constant.

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