Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving Up

Yesterday was the Moving Up ceremony for the Fun, 2, 3 preschoolers whom are moving up to kindergarten. It was a sweet intimate gathering with the families, friends, students, and teachers from school. At the end of the ceremony we were treated with the release of Noah's doves. I look forward to still working as a substitute at the school in addition to my position at Haleakala Waldorf. I also want to try to again pursue a substitute position at Kula School. A lot of children I have taught over the last 5 years have ended up going to school there. Teaching children, meeting parents, and having great relationships with other teachers is really great. My life is rich in teaching opportunities.
I am looking forward to starting my dental implant plan in August. If things go as planned, I may be done in the next 8 months. Although the subject of my accident seems to be a subject that comes up time to time in relation to others getting in accidents, or in regards to my progress, I feel like I am moving forward, and getting over all the trauma. Matt and I discus aspects of that day, and time, but it isn't prevalent anymore, and has become a story in the ever changing script of my life. This is an important and pleasant part of my recovery. The ceremony today tied a lot of things together for me today. To watch these children grow, and know that they will achieve in their lives is a process I am happy to be a part of.
Happy Weekend!

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