Friday, June 25, 2010

Progression Running

I have been running once a week, and wanted to share my latest, most successful workout in the last 6 weeks or so. Let me first start by saying 2 weeks after my accident I started to do pilates. I worked up to doing it daily, and found my strength slowly coming back. After four months of pilates, and walking only, it was time to get some sort of cardio into my routine. Running was a natural decision. When I first started running, I was coughing all the time, and in severe oxygen debt. It has taken me around two months to get to this point!
Matt is quite the experienced runner, and has been teaching me all sorts of new things about running. I ran short distance before, and excelled at it. Distance running? Not so much. Matt on the other hand has ran marathons, and has trained with the best. I like his approach to running too: run to have fun, and throw away your watch!
So, to the progression run. I ran one mile and a  half. That's six laps around the track. I started at walking pace, literally, although I was running. So slow. This pace increased as I continued into the second lap. By the third lap I was actually jogging. This felt great! My heart beat was up, but I was siked I was already half way done with the work out. I kept on putting more and more effort lap, by lap, and by the last 200 I was at around a 95% effort. If you are into running, and want to feel that great feeling of running fast, a progression run is where it's at!
So now, I have got pilates 6 days, track workout once a week, and a bike ride at least once weekly too. Feeling really good.