Monday, May 31, 2010

Back on the Bicycle

My Retort to the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill:
I'm back on my bicycle.

Today is a special day. The last time I rode my bike, I crashed and broke my jaw (among other injuries). Now almost six months later, I got back on that very bicycle with my new helmet. I walked down my driveway to the Kula Community Center. I rode around the parking lot for about 20 minutes doing a series of figure eights, and going up and down the slight inclines from the lower parking lot up to the middle, and top parking areas.

It felt so natural, easy, and most importantly; it was fun. I remember the feeling of being on the bike, but experiencing it is something totally different. There is a sort of free flowing feeling when you ride on a bicycle. The new helmet is quite comfortable, and is hardly noticeable. This is because the design is a good one, and I think getting used to the full face helmet for the Vespa, also prepared me for this new helmet experience.

I hope to get out on the road soon! The oil spill in the Gulf has got me feeling helpless, and worse; somehow I feel connected to the accident because of my being a consumer of gasoline. By riding the bike today, I feel like I am on my way to lessening my consumption of oil. I am fortunate in that I can walk to substitute at Haleakala Waldorf, and I can bicycle to work out at Fun, 2, 3. I hope to bike out to work before the school year is done in July. I feel great! When I walked up the steps, and on to the front porch, Matt said, "You've been reborn". He's right. My new life is full of more possibilities, a stronger connection to the earth, and a deep appreciation for life itself. 

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