Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Healthy Body, Even Healthier Mind

First off, this is my soundtrack for this blog. This is a great mix! Dig it!
James Zabiela Mix Of Appreciation 2009 by jameszabiela

OK, now that we have that taken care of I wanted to tell you about my latest addition to exercising. No I haven't quite added bicycling back into my routine, but I have gone back to one of the first sports I fell for; running. I have been going to the track once weekly to practice my form, and to get my cardiovascular work-out. It has been a bunch of fun! I started by running around the property where I live, as we have access to about 300 acres. Matt has created a bunch of loops, and I took a stab at one of his 3 mile trails. At first I was in so much oxygen debt by mile one, I didn't think I could make it two more. I started to walk about half way, and was coughing my lungs out. Now, about 4 weeks later I am running for about 30 minutes continuously, working up a sweat, breathing much less labored, and having fun! I feel great. I like being sore the next day; it proves to me that I worked hard. Here's a funny video of me at the track yesterday...

Feels good getting back into shape. I have really made a decision to be healthy and to work on exercise. Now it's just part of my every day routine. Pilates every morning, track work out once weekly, and now I just have to get to that jump roping. I am a bit uncoordinated at the jump rope! Once I get it down though, I know I will get even more toned, and stronger still. Here's to our health!

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