Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's New?

Turbo curled up and keeping me company!
Ahhh, yes a nice afternoon in Kula. A bit on the windy side, but today it's not raining. We have been getting much need precipitation over the last several days. We need it here on Maui.
Since my time off from the doctor,
I have tried to be diligent with my jaw exercises. I am continuing to get better and better at chewing too. Everything has changed in my mouth, but I am getting more and more used to it. I realize too that once I get used to my mouth with my retainer (a.k.a. my flipper, why? I have no idea!), I will be getting my teeth implants, and will have to get used to that version of my mouth too. This is not a big deal really, as long as the pleasure of consuming food continues! For a bit there when I was still wired (that is, when my jaw was wired shut) I was getting very sick of food, and the eating process. Since I have been opening more, and eating more and more regularly my love of food has been coming back. We are making bread, and tortillas again on a regular basis, eating from the garden, and continue to plant, plant, plant!
I have been in touch with the director at Fun, 2, 3, and I plan to be back at school in May part-time. I also plan to return to substituting at St. Joseph School, and Haleakala Waldorf. The school year will end at pre-school in July, Waldorf in June, and St. Joseph in late May. Nice little taper there. I also have some tutoring lined up in the latter part of May. Teaching is fun, and I am looking forward to getting back to it.
Holton Gallery is also coming up on a busy time! We have an auction at the St. Joseph Feast on Friday, April 30th and Saturday, May 1 at 7PM. Matt donated his spectacular Iris painting to benefit the expanding Early Learning Center, and other community outreach fostered by the St. Joseph Church. The following Saturday, May 8th, the Seabury Craft Fair Aloha Art Gallery has invited Matt to install three pieces. Matt is bringing Alice Liddell, Sunset Wave, and a study of Bouguereau's Young Shepherdess Standing; an eclectic collection of Matt's work. The Craft Fair, and the Feast are both heavy traffic events, and lots of fun. The food is spectacular too! Lots of local dishes: chow fun, malasadas, teri beef burgers, and other delectables too. Mmmm mmm! Exciting. This has been a great year for Holton Gallery, and I look forward to what will come!
You know, I look forward to what will come in all aspects of my life in fact.

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