Monday, March 1, 2010

Say Cheese...

What a trip! I have teeth all of a sudden.
It is very nice to have this temporary grill that is so realistic looking!
My thanks to Dr. Clarke, and Dr. Vallejos. You have made my temporary smile simply beautiful.
From Cristina Pineda
This gives me a lot of hope about the finished product!
Dr. Clarke had asked me if I could bring him some photo's of my smile before the accident since he did not know what it looked like. Matt suggested I make an online photo album to share with my doctors with about 18 images of my smiling face. This was such a great idea, and is no doubt playing a big roll in getting as close to my original smile as possible.

I found out that alas, I do not need to get those two root canals. Yeah. This cut's off one month of my mouth rebuilding process. Dr. Clarke told me that he will start the implant process in May. My teeth, are still shifting, and need more time to heal in order for my implants to be successful. So I will be all fixed up by August now perhaps. This is exciting.

Once I got my new choppers, I quickly made arrangements to see the children at Fun, 2, 3, and Haleakala Waldorf School. I visited the 4th and 7th grade at Waldorf on Tuesday last week, and Fun, 2, 3 on Friday. It was so great to be back in the classroom, and sharing my experience with all those awesome children I know. There were lots of questions, a few tears, and a lot of general discussion about my accident, and how my recovery has been going. All of them asked when I would be back, and my only answer was when I am ready. I am on temporary disability until the end of April. I am feeling like May might be the right time to go back to work. I still need much work on opening my mouth. I am about half way to where I should be, and will be seeing Dr. Clarke regularly to check my progress. No poking or prodding, just measuring the opening of my mouth.
I continue to eat soft foods, and chewing is coming easier, and easier.
Matt got to teach at Waldorf last week. He did a lesson on perspective for the 7th grade. He is really a natural teacher! He invited me to come to the class, and participate. It was a great class. We went outside to draw, and Matt checked our work. It was a pleasure to sit on the ground and sketch for 45 minutes. The pleasure and calm that comes over me when sketching is great. Thanks Matt!
How do you like that rainbow outside my front door? My dear friend Andrea, and my new friend Crista are visiting Maui. They got here on Saturday after the tsunami (which by the way caused no damage, and since we live at 2,500 ft. elevation we are the evacuation route). Yesterday we went to the beach in Kaanapali. It was rainy and cloudy all day, so I was able to pop in to the ocean a swim a bit. So nice! The girls went off to Hana today, and we are planning to BBQ this evening. They will be off to Oregon tomorrow. I feel so fortunate to be able to spend time with friends during my recovery. It helps to go out and have some fun every now and then. I also realize, I can't keep pace just yet! That's why I opted to stay home today.

I'm now getting set to do some pilates (go here for my workout videos), and then it's jaw exercises! I just might take a small walk or hike around the property later too, and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having today. Until we meet again...

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