Monday, March 8, 2010

Pimp My Site

Matt has given my site the beginnings of a whole new look. The top banner is now customized. I really like the graphic design of this piece. It is a shot from the North Shore looking out near Jaws. The hearts and opaque butterfly behind me are special accents that personalize the banner. I also like the slight blurring of the image to give it a sort of sureal feel.
In the right panel next to the entries, he added the My Photos album direct from my android, My Videos from YouTube, and a slideshow from Picasa entitled, Cristina in Hawai'i. This blog is such a creative and educational part of my recovery. Thanks to Matt's guidance, both of our blogs are improving. Check out Matt's latest post about his new piece, Remember When (and new customized banner)at
I am preparing this week to open another 3mm by using my home thereapy: tounge depressors 3 times daily. This part of my recovery is a bit monotonous, however it is much better than the alternative: physical therapy out of the home, and out of pocket to open the jaw. I get rewarded every time I work on my jaw by loosening up more, and thus being able to chew better and better every day. Brushing my teeth gets easier, and everything just feels like its falling into place in my mouth.
We had an amazing roasted chicken & vegetable dinner last night. It inspired a blog on please take a look. Read all the way down to see a funny photo of Billy and the chicken & a great song by Biz Markie. It's one of my favorites called Chinese Food.

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