Monday, March 15, 2010

27 Millimeters & Wider!

Yes indeed it's true. I can now open my mouth 27 millimeters wide.
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Our growing Chickens! (and our former resident rooster)

This is such an accomplishment! My goal is to reach 35 millimeters. I tend to be opening 3 millimeters a week, so I expect to reach my goal in about 2 and a half weeks.
I now have a standing appointment with Dr. Clarke on Thursdays to check my opening progress. Once I reach my goal of 35 millimeters it's not like I get to stop shoving tongue depressors in between my top & bottom jaw, it will just be the opening that I will then have to retain. Looks like that will be my mantra for April: maintain.
Opening my mouth has resulted in being able to eat more and more. I have recently put away my spoon, fork, and knife, and have been biting into sandwiches! Yippie. You wouldn't want to watch me eat, but I am doing it! It's a funny sensation to eat without the feeling of your four front teeth. I have started to use my bottom front teeth to actually bite into things, as an alternative.
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The new 300 gal. water tank!

I still am so looking forward to my implants scheduled for May. To have some permanent teeth will be a nice alternative to my temporaries. I forget to even take out my flipper sometimes at night, as it is so comfortable. The temps look great. My mouth is feeling better by the day. Everything is falling into place, and I am getting more, and more used to my new bite.
My skin is almost completely healed as well, and the scars on my lip, chin, and by my left eye are becoming softer, and less and less noticeable. I can't help but think of my doctors, Peter Galpin, and Michael Clarke whom have help bring me to this point. Amazing! Matt has also been instrumental in my positive recovery. He makes me smile, and laugh daily! Matt has been by my side, and continues to support me in every way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Later this month Matt & I are having an Open House. It is fun to plan parties. We have not had a party for awhile, so we are looking forward to it! Menu planning is on the agenda, and we already have some great ideas. I hope you can make it!
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Two of my favorite guys.

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