Saturday, February 20, 2010


In the two weeks since I posted last we celebrated Matt's birthday (in fact we're still celebrating!), and I have finally received my flipper. I will take some photos soon. It is great. To now have the appearance of regular looking teeth is sweet!

I have already planned a visit back to my preschool where I teach for Friday of this coming week.
Matt's birthday was awesome!
It was all a secret, so I was bursting, by the time we finally got in the car. On Monday the 15th, I told Matt that my flipper had come in (when it hadn't) and asked if he'd like to take me down. He agreed of course, and meanwhile I was secretly packing, arranging for the car, and I even pulled off meeting with the house owner to get the keys. Let me back up. I planned along with my parents, & Matt's parents a two night, three day stay in Hana for Matt's birthday gift.
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So we got in the car to go get the rental when Matt thought I was getting my teeth, and instead we were off to the beautiful town of Hana on the Eastern side of Maui. It was simply beautiful. Our friends Danielle, and George came out for a night, and the following day, on Matt's birthday February 17th, we woke up, and Matt got a 2 1/2 massage from our friend Linda who came out to do it special for his birthday. We then went to look at the largest heiau in Hawaii, called Piilanihale Heiau. It was incredible.
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Lots of swimming at Hamoa beach, and just relaxing! It was heaven.
We also recently hung up a piece of Matt's artwork at the new Whole Foods opening on February 24th. They are having a rotating art show, and Matt's friend Lanakila who did all the murals inside invited Matt, along with several other Maui artists. The program is unique to the Maui Whole Foods store. The artists, along with a scholarship fund will benefit from all art sales. Whole Foods is simply housing the artwork in an effort to tie to the community. It is a great project, and we are happy to be a part of it.
So I'm totally siked to have my temporaries! I realized that I am only on month one of a nine month rebuilding process. When I look at it that way, I say I'm doing fabulous!
It continues to be a struggle to eat, and open my mouth regularly. More diligence on my part is needed for me to pry my mouth open! I do exercises with tongue depressors to literally pry open my mouth. This is going OK, but I really have got to push it!
Eating is coming along too. I can now eat rice, fish, eggs, and lomi lomi salmon and poi, without the aid of a blender. All soft foods are cool! Coming right along.
I also recently discovered that I have received financial aid from the state. This is such a blessing. This will allow me more recovery time, as I am constantly reminded, it is needed. Just coming to the realization that I need to keep it slow still is a step in the right direction for me right now. My skin is still healing up, and I have to stay out of the sun until all my skin is healed completely. Time.
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Slowing it down. It's like a mantra for me really. Just slow it down. I have time to recover, so just take that time. Hmmm...take time on Maui. Sounds good to me.

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