Sunday, February 7, 2010

Giddy Up!

Welcome to the QUEST ACE Program. I love the ring of that. Indeed, I am eligible for coverage. What a relief. A giant sigh went across the pacific towards New Mexico, and back again. My parents are so pleased. Now I can again contact the various doctors offices tomorrow, and this time not explain that I am still waiting for my application to process, but that I have been accepted, and just have to enroll. That enrollment letter is going out in tomorrows mail!
I am so thankful for the Outreach services at Maui Memorial Hospital. Without GiGi I would have been waiting a lot longer. My thanks also go to Valencia my case worker at Quest. Ms. Oliveros is another individual I would like to thank. You all have made this long process, not painful! Nice people who want to help, and are easy to work with.
Thank you.
Last Thursday I had a nice surprise at Dr. Clarke's office. Only one extraction! I was told it would be two. I was also pleasantly surprised that my mouth did open up enough to take impressions. This was followed by more good news. My flipper may come back a lot earlier than I was previously told. I might get it this week! Woweee! I can't wait to start smiling again without bringing up my hand to cover it up.
No doctors appointments yet this week, however I will be calling Dr. Yee tomorrow for a consultation. This is the dentist that will preform my root canals.
Got to keep on movin...
In other news, Matt has his artwork for sale in a new shop in Paia called Isle Empress. This will be a feature of the newsletter for Holton Gallery this month. Davida had a sweet Grand Opening yesterday. The shop has great art, amazing jewelry, and cool clothing. Matt's art is beautifully displayed, and he also has some necklaces, and a bracelet for sale there as well. More exposure! Weeeee!
I guess you all must be watching the Super Bowl today. Who's playing again? Let me know how it turns out!

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  1. Hi Cristina! Glad you are recovering! I have a cute picture of you and Matt! please send me your email so I can send it to you! xx Amy Buoncristiani from California, visitted you in Maui 11/09 and rode down backside of Haleakala