Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bad Ass Helmet

The last time Matt & I were downtown we stopped by a pawn shop. Matt found a tool he can use for making frames, and I found this killer HJC helmet for the moped! I got it for a fraction of the price of a brand new one off the shelf.


I love the red, black and silver, tattoo designs. The inside is like a comfy couch. I figured, I will be riding Matt's Vespa (it's red, so the helmet will match beautifully!) before I will be getting back on my Specialized bicycle, so why not buy this gem? It is practically new, and had only been in the shop for about 2 weeks.

Presently our awesome mechanic Ed, is working on the scooter, and I told him we don't need it back until March. He is fixing the headlight, and a persistent squeaking sound that was getting progressively louder (a ball barring of some sort).
Ed is so great, he came by and put the Vespa up in his truck bed, and drove it off. He has always been really cool and thoughtful when it comes to servicing the bike. Actually he is cool and thoughtful period. His wife Cathy makes yummy desserts, and I still think of that amazing pan of flan she brought me. Mmmmmm.

The next purchase will be the bicycle helmet with face guard. Since it is made for a bicycle it will be a bit lighter than this beast of a helmet for the moped. I always see people biking down Haleakala (which by the way I would never consider) with those types of helmets on. So the search is on!
Any suggestions of good brands of bike helmets?

The artwork behind me is in our backyard, on the back of our shed/garage. Matt's friend is a graffiti tagging artist, and Matt invited him to do this huge piece a few years ago. I am blocking the taggers name, Arise. I am indeed arising!


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