Friday, January 22, 2010

Game Plan

Yesterday I got to meet Dr. Clarke. What a nice man! His staff is also very helpful and made me feel comfortable right away. Dr. Clarke came highly recommended by Dr. Galpin, and I learned why this is during my consultation. For the first time I was able to hear about in great detail with x-ray's right in front of me, what happened. Just a head's up, from this point on it gets sort of graphic.
After filling out paperwork, they took a scan of my head. Then Dr. Clarke took a look inside my mouth (extremely gently). We then looked at the scans on his computer. This was really cool. I could see from the top of my skull, from the bottom and both sides on a large screen. I was finally able to see all the fractures (he found one more small fracture above one of my teeth on the top right side of my jaw), and how well they have healed. I can now understand that the impact on the left side of my face is what resulted in my chin splitting in half, and then the three other fractures on the right side of my upper, and lower jaw. The metal plate is in my chin to hold the vertical break in the center of my chin. I somehow thought the metal plate had "rebuilt" my chin; which it does, but not in the way I had previously imagined. He then explained the 9 month process of 2 root canals, four implants, and a bridge. He went into great detail, and his assistant Jennifer was also contributing ideas, and helping to keep focus on a plan. The plan is roughly this:
  • 1-4 months: 2 root canals
  • 4 months: 4 implants
  • 8 months: bridge
  • 9 months: all done!
It feels good to have this simple frame work to work towards.

Quest does not cover dental work like this here on the island of Maui. Incidentally, more paperwork was requested for my application with Quest, and we turned that in yesterday. Either way with a 45 day processing time I am still in the waiting period (day 33). So, seems to me things are going as planned. No work for them today, due to furloughs.

Right now I am focused on my physical later today, and my next appointment with Dr. Clarke in two weeks. Matt's birthday is also coming up soon! Exciting times ahead! I also am adding some simple jaw exercises to my daily routines. I can't open my mouth very much (maybe one finger width), and have to stretch it as much as I can tolerate. So, yes, I am not off the straw/blended food by any stretch of the imagination. Chewing? Not so much. This affects my energy level still, because I am just taking in less. I feel confident in Dr. Clarke's assessment, and feel such a great relief to know the specifics of how I will have this all fixed. Another thing Dr. Clarke's suggested was to stay out of the sun for three months. Dr. Galpin had also recommended a couple months. That puts me to mid-March. Sweet, I can take in all the March Madness NCAA Basketball! Doctors orders.

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