Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wires Off Tomorrow!

Wow. It's been six weeks already. Time has flown by, yet I feel like I have been having a long, good, recovery so far.
I just got my time for my procedure tomorrow: 1:00. I am to arrive at Maui Memorial at 10:30, and the nurse said Dr. Galpin usually runs early. This is all good news. I have been chillaxin big time today; watched a few movies, and I am just getting ready to do some pilates.
I want to thank Howard for your call today. It was nice to hear your voice. I also got some
encouraging emails from some parents over at Fun, 2, 3 preschool. It means so much to have
everyone supporting me through all this. Thank you Silvanna, Doug, Monica, Laurie, Michelle,
and Scott. Emily, your new house kicks ass! Can't wait to crash on your couch next time I'm in Santa. Gayle you are so generous, and so sweet. It was great to hear from you Richard the
other day. You are such a dear friend to me. Moni I loved getting your messages as well, how exciting! I also was just texting with my old friend Wes. You are the sweetest. It was a treat to hear from my buddy Moe as well. Can't wait to get the two of you boys out to Maui! I know school comes first, but spring break is coming! Victoria with all you have going on it was spectacular hearing from you, and I love the website! Heather I am excited to meet with you in a few weeks for my treatment, and Linda it will be great to get some work done from you come Sunday.
These pictures are of my wonderful support team here at home. Matt you have been hard on me with talking, and I thank you for it! You are a great blender of all sorts of foods, and so sweet, and funny! The kittens, chickens, and our awesome bunny rabbit have also been the best company!
Alright, I'm going to quit stalling, and get to my exercise! Then I will eat, eat, eat, as much as
humanly possible before my midnight cut off. I love you all, and I will see you all very soon.

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