Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Did It!

Yesterday was a very good day. Matt & I went through an hour and a half interview to get financial/medical assistance downtown at the Human Services Bureau. We had all of our paperwork in order, and she has only requested three other items. Phew! It is looking good. I may even get disability, since I am not working right now due to the accident. There are a lot of options, it is just a matter of tapping in. Well we are tapping!After the interview I got a Jamba Juice (thank you Jeremy!), and Matt got a yummy burrito, and we were off to do our art installation at Pacific Source.

Pacific Source provides interior building materials
for contractors, interior designers, and people building homes here on Maui. Their new showroom is really beautiful, filled with mosaic tiles, cabinets, doors, everything you would possibly need to fill your home. Now it has everything including artwork! Matt's work really livened up the space, and it was fun to be out doing what Matt & I love to do together.

After that we drove by the beach to check out some more epic waves. So beautiful. We then
headed home. I hung out for a bit, then decided I wanted to go get my bike. I went up to the house where Jeannette told me my bike was, and was pleasantly greeted by Mrs. Tavares. She is the sweetest! She got my bike out right away, and told me a little more about my crash. Her
son saw it all. Can't wait to meet him! I had to ask her about the mystery man and my teeth. She thought I must know the guy who had my teeth wrapped in a towel, but anyways, she said he handed my teeth to the ambulance crew. Hmmm. Friday I have my pre-op appointment with Galpin, and afterwards we will be picking up the police report. That way I can find out who was on the ambulance crew that day (hopefully) and finally close the mystery of the missing teeth. I am guessing that the teeth that were handed to them may have been shattered and "un-useable".
We shall see...

My visit with Auben was so special. It is as if no time has passed, but we are a bit wiser and older
now. Aubens visit was truly healing. We hung out at the house for awhile and caught up, while petting the bunny, Oona. She rented a Jeep, so we were able to go to some pretty sick spots to look at the waves. Then we BBQ'ed, and then she was off. Can't wait to see her again.

Perhaps a visit to San Francisco is in my future...

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