Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thank You's & More Photos

Aloha, and Happy New Year! Two days in and we've been busy already!
First I would like to thank my dear friend from Flagstaff, AZ, Wendy Jones & her awesome family for your kind donation. I remember days of busing your tables at Beaver St. Brewery, and kid sitting the girls. Now they are in high school, and I haven't bussed a table in years (thank you very much)! Also thank you to Deybra for the protein shake stuff, and the awesome art you gave me. I love my blue angel. Plus a special thank you to my co-worker Janet from Fun, 2, 3. Seeing you the other day was so great. Your soup is still waiting for me to consume it, but I already made banana bread with the bananas you gave me. Thank you to Satica for all the smaller clothing. Love the cords, and those cute cargo pants you just gave me today! You are the best. Thank all you followers of my blog! Too cool. While you're at it go follow Matt's blog over at On his blog he writes about most all of his work. It's quite interesting.

These are some photos from Christmas & New Years. It was great having the family together!

A quick note about my insurance. I got a letter today saying my insurance is now on hold because there is a discrepancy between what I told them my income was, and what was on my bank statement (maybe that was the morphine filling out the paperwork).
My dad made calls today on my behalf to Fun, 2, 3, Waldorf, and St. Joseph requesting my pay stubs since October. I thank all of you at all these great schools for your help on this! All paperwork is due by the 11th, so we shall see...

I would love to see your pictures too if you want to email me!
I love the holidays, yet I am ready to get back to "normal" life. My parents head off today at 3 to Oahu. They will be there until the 4th, then it's back to New Mexico. It was great having them here.
Matt, and Morgan are going on a hike tomorrow starting in Kaupo. It will be great driving out there, it is gorgeous. Another great no sun activity for me, and a great opportunity for the guys. They will be hiking up to the crater, so a few hours later Jess & I will be picking them up at Haleakala. I'm looking forward to it. I look forward to every day!

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