Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No More Jackolantern Teeth!

It has been nice to be home for the last couple of days without any appointments. The next visit with Dr. Clarke on Feb. 4th, will include 2 extractions, and impressions for my retainer. 2 weeks after that (right around Matt's birthday Feb. 17th) I will be getting my flipper. Flipper you ask? A dolphin in my mouth? No silly, a flipper is a retainer I can pop in with my falsies on it. This will be a nice relief! No more jack-0-lantern mouth! Thank goodness I have no dentist issues. I am really looking forward to getting my 2 chipped teeth outa there. Those teeth constantly are rubbing on my top lip, and are quite unsightly. Somehow they bug me more than the gaping hole where my three other teeth used to be...
The same day I will be following up with Dr. Galpin (before hand). He directed me to get my mouth open by the 4th. Seems impossible right now, but I am working on it daily, all day! Talking is good therapy, but I think I cheat when I talk. I don't really open my mouth all that much while speaking. The only way to get my mouth open is to do my yawning exercise, in addition to putting my thumbs on my top teeth, and my index fingers on my bottom teeth, and prying my mouth open, and stretching it good. After 6 weeks of a closed jaw, I am now going the other way. The muscles are stiff, but I am motivated by Galpin, and Clarkes belief that I will be opening wide by the 4th of February. The prospect of getting impressions will only happen if I can do it! So I can do it!

Still waiting for my Quest application. Got my first bill from Maui Memorial from 12/11/09-12/13/09, and it is a doosey! Wowsers! This includes my three day stay, plastic surgery, wiring surgery, ambulance services, CT scans, and other charges. Everything looks in order though, and I only have one question about the bill. I will follow up on it. I have also received the bill for my anethstisia for the surgery on Dec. 11th from the doctor whom administered it. This pales in comparison to the Maui Memorial bill, but is still quite significant. I have contacted the Doctors office, and they too are patiently waiting for my Quest application to process. It is a long process, yes. I know in the end it will all be worth it. I calculated how many business days were between my application date of Dec. 14th. Considering the 4 day week due to furloughs, 45 days is March 1.

All the dentistry on the other hand will not be covered by Quest, so Matt and I are doing our best to raise funds in all sorts of creative ways. Our spare change continues to grow with our multiple piggy banks, and we continue to get rid of things we don't need through ebay and craigslist.

Matt's artwork has always been in the forefront, and since I am not working right now, I am trying to balance resting, and working on Holton Gallery at home. On the computer end of Holton Gallery my focus is on meta tags. This is the key to keeping us on the top of Google search, in multiple categories: Maui Artist, Artwork, Paintings, et cetera. Our goal is to get a sale directly from, and our listing on Google is crucial to attain this. This along with the production of cards, placing new artwork, and the list goes on, and on... I feel good being productive at home. It is nice to be around Matt, and work together on our business. To watch his creativity flow, and the production of artwork at an astounding pace is rich with learning more about the process. The time it takes. What Matt does amazes me every day. We have been doing this for years, and I feel happy to be here to work on such beautiful artwork.

Just got word today a good friend of mine Andrea, whom has visited before will (hopefully)be back on Maui in late February! Yippie! I am so fortunate to have so many visitors! She found a flight for $310 from Portland. Deals, deals, deals! Very cool.

Some random links I checked out today!

Check this out if you love technology:
If you are a fan of all things Google take a look at Google Goggles here:
Probably the worst name I've herd yet for a device, but still very cool; the iPad:

Today I am getting a Healing Touch treatment from Heather at 2. I am looking forward to a relaxing session! I have never had energy work done before, so I am excited. Thank you Maria and the Haleakala Waldorf community for facilitating this visit.

I recently discovered some awesome cardio workouts on youtube that involve dancing around like a mad woman! It is so much fun! Take a look at Core Rhythms here.
and all the workouts I have used on my youtube playlist here. Got to keep on movin'. Matt has also been looking into a stationary bike trainer that I can put my bike on and ride inside in the comfort of home! Sweet.

Here's to no doctors appointments for a week!

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