Saturday, January 9, 2010

Got Some Things from the Accident

Today Jeannette, the 7th grade teacher at Haleakala Waldorf School (new website is awesome!), came by to bring me my helmet, camelbak, and lunch bag. It was so good to see Jeannette, and for her and Matt to discuss the events and how they occurred 4 short weeks ago. Jeannette is really my only connection to the scene of the accident (and her entire 7th grade class) since I have no recollection of it.
This brings up the subject of the darker side of my face meeting pavement...the lost hours. For awhile I told myself it was only the 2 and 1/2 hours before the accident I lost. The truth is I don't have any recollecion of not only the 2 and 1/2 hours before the accident, but also the 36 hours that follow. I have heard stories form people at the accident; Matt, & Jessica. All things I don't remember. I even did an interview with Quest without any memories of doing it. I remember getting an EEG (that technician was so nice), and I remember my last roommate, Nadine, I also remember Louise, and Jessica my nurses, and little bits and pieces. Matt was telling me about the E.R., he said I knew some people there: no recollection. the thing is I was talking this whole time. One of my roommates in college had an accident and didn't remember 6 weeks! Whoa baby! It's weird. I try not to obsess about it. Although a memory did come to me the other night when I was thinking about all this. Since I started riding about 6-8 months ago, almost every time I have ridden, I thought about going over my handle bars, and landing on my face. It was very graphic in my mind. After imagining this I would always ask myself, "Why am I thinking about this right now?", yet I never took action. I think I need to listen to myself a bit more, eh? I know there is a poem in this somewhere...I digress...
Jeannette gave me the address where my bike is, and I hope to go by tomorrow with my friend Auben to pick it up. This visit will also give me an opportunity to hopefully find my front teeth (thanks Jess for the bottom one!). There was a young man there who had my teeth wrapped in a towel, and kept on trying to pass them to someone. No one can tell me who this young man is. I had an EMT friend of mine check with the fire & ambulance crews, and he even checked with the hospital to no avail (thank you Doug & Kim!). Soon the mystery of the teeth will be solved(mysterious music enter now)!
It was sort of weird to get these items back. My clothes inside the pack that I had taken off before changing into my shorts & t-shirt, and the somewhat dented helmet with blood still on it. I am going to throw the helmet away, and get myself a full face one when the time is right. Clothing straight to the wash. At least Matt finally has his camelbak, and florescent jacket back!
I mentioned my friend Auben: I have known Auben Salazar since elementary school, and haven't seen her in over 14 years at least. She is on island visiting another friend of ours whom also went to Carlos Gilbert in Santa Fe. She was one of the first to contact me after the accident with well wishes and mentionings of smoothies. It will be fun to see her tomorrow. We plan on going to Jaws to go look at the second giant swell this winter. Waves are supposed to be 45 feet! Then it's hanging out on the ranch. It will be fun to show her all the animals, and just enjoy each others company. It's funny too, she lost her voice earlier in the week, so we thought we'd be quite a pair! By the way thank you to all of my Santa Fe connections. Weather it is a friend of my parents writing me an email, or a text from a high school friend, it all warms my heart! Que Viva Santa! Also, big Mahalos to my Maui peeps. Leslie you made the task of getting pay stubs painless! Vicki it was so great to finally see you! Janet you are amazing! Joseph it was so great to hear your voice today! Cathy, your flan is the best I've ever had (apologies to The Shed)! Also thank you everyone for giving me the time and space I need to rest.
Here's to one more week until my pre-op appointment with Galpin on the 15th! Cross your fingers I'm OK'ed for the unwiring on the 20th! On my next post I will give some quick instruction on posting comments, as some of you have told me you don't know how to! In the meantime go here. It would be great to hear your feedback (echo, echo, echo)...

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