Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a Christmas!

Wow. We had a great Christmas. Matt & I went on a trip to the north shore, and he snapped this great photo...
The waves were huge! It was great to be outside with my giant hat, and be by the ocean. Matt & I had some good beer, and a really mellow, nice time. It was like old times.
Then it was off to Matt's parents place for a wonderful meal & even more wonderful company. We started things off with a toast with Doreen's famous egg nog. My dad & I enjoyed the "virgin" version. Then Steve blended up a cup of crackers, salami, and Boursin cheese for my appetizer.
Shortly after Matt blended up a mix of potatoes, roasted veggies, turkey, ham, & gravy. Yummmy!
Then there were the gifts! How much fun. So many smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses. It was magic. Matt gave me some great gifts. On Christmas eve he gave me some beautiful dangle amber earrings. So pretty. Then he topped that with a personal sweatshirt design of my very own!
Want one of your own? This design is available to you on t-shirts, a hoodie like mine, and other various types of clothing. Proceeds will go towards those pesky doctor(s) bills. This design holds some significance...Matt's sister had given us some fabric, and I focused in on
this design. I cut out a square & made a cape for our cat Joe Joe. Matt took the cape, got out his oil pastels, and drew a prototype. He did all the lettering by hand as well. SO AWESOME. Thank you honey! My mom gave us all these neat whistle/flutes called 4-hole ocarina's with songbooks...everyone got a different animal...really sweet! Practice, Practice, Practice and we will get to Carnegie Hall! Our dear, dear friend Satica came with a bag of more clothing for me (since I'm shrinking a bit...). Love all the jeans, sweaters, and velvety attire! Thank you my tactile personal shopper extraordinaire! Thank you Jess, Morgan, Steve, Doreen, and Papa too for all your beautiful gifts.
Our friend Linda came too, and she is an incredible body work/massage artist. She offered to work on my shoulders/neck/lower could I resist! It was so relaxing. I could feel her hands on me even after she left the room. Amazing. Doreen came in and gave me blended gingerbread cookies & milk to top it all off. I hope you have all had a great holiday as well.
Tomorrow, my dear friend from college Carolyn Malinowski is visiting from the Big Island (by way of Chicago). It has been at least 10 years since we've seen each other. She was with me for my last surgery in '97 when I had an ACL reconstruction. Crazy how things work out. A long time friend, Auben Salazar from Santa Fe will be on Maui next week too. She texted me yesterday to let me know she will be armed with smoothies! Can't wait to see both of you girls!

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