Monday, December 21, 2009


Thank all of you children from Fun, 2, 3 & Haleakala Waldorf School for your wonderful cards/collages. I have them hanging in our room, and around the Christmas tree to make me smile. You all are fantastic artists!

Thank you everyone for your loving voice mails. Hearing your healing thoughts is simply magic.

We are so happy the donations have already begun!

Thank you to the Gibardo family for your generous donation. Yamuna, Kumari, Imlitala, & Laura Lynn you are my dear friends. We have got to go camping again sometime this summer! When I think of you it's all about smiles...

Many thanks to Monica Riker (whom I don't even know) for the astounding donation. Monica, what school did I sub for your daughter? Big hugs and kisses to you and your daughter. You amaze me.

These donations will no doubt help with my hospital bill (11K! Yikes!), doctor visits, orthodontist visits to come, and perhaps some frivolous fun stuff too!

Tomorrow I turn in my current bank statement to Quest for the final approval for insurance. Cross your fingers! We love you Gigi (my case worker)! She can work miracles (hopefully)!!!

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