Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Wonderful Day

I am so excited to see Carolyn! She has never been to the aquarium here, so we are planning to go directly from the airport. Perfect no sun activity.

Please be sure to check out our other websites, as we update them regularly. Matt is working on a life-sized portrait of a nine
year old girl. The sketch is stunning. It's all in her eyes...her face is full of life, and her body
jumps off the canvas without even one drop of
paint yet! Matt, your art is healing.

This website has all information Holton Gallery. Directions to the studio, new artwork, events, and much, much, more. Matt and I work on this site together, and although I have only done one edit since the accident, Matt keeps on producing artwork. It is his love, and his life, on canvas.

Get a chance to hear about Matt's work directly from him. Find out why he did certain subjects, or the history of a favorite artist. Get into the mind of the artist. This blog is written exclusively by Matt Holton, and is quite informative.

This blog is a lot of fun for me and Matt. Since we met, we have always loved to cook together. Matt comes from a talented family of cooks, and has always prepared such wonderful meals for us, our friends and family. I remember when he taught me how to make my own pasta sauce from scratch. What a realization! From there I have learned a pleuthura of recipes from him, his mom, and from recipe books I have had, but was reluctant to pick up. We have saved a gang load of money cooking for ourselves, and we hope that you will enjoy cooking as much as we do.

Joe Joe Blog (about our first kitty cat):
The musings of being a cat, and being a cat owner. This blog is silly to the max.

Please enjoy looking at Matt's work, reading Matt's blog, finding recipes, and I hope you find some levity on Joe Joe's blog.

Oh, and can you do something for me? Open your mouth as wide as you can, and think, "this feels great!". Thanks.


  1. Hi Cris!
    It is great to read your updates. Wow, it is so crazy and scary that you have lost memories. I also like your poem. Thanks for sharing so much about your experience. I am so happy to hear about your progress and will be waiting to hear about the pre-op appt.

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