Friday, December 18, 2009

Here's What I Know

On Friday, December, 11th I got up around 5:30 to start getting ready for my daily bike ride to work. I left the house around 6:20 to cycle the 5 or so miles to Fun, 2, 3 in Keokea, Maui, HI. School is nice at that time of day. It's quiet, and I walk around feeding all of our animals. First is Joe & Violet our ducks. They are so funny. They wag their "tails" and are so affectionate. Then I go inside and feed the fish. Then it's Tigre's turn, that's our kitty (who has a new kitten friend black & white). I then go out to the playground/yard and feed the guinea pigs. They squeal with delight as I fill their water bottles, and give them fresh greens from the yard.
Then it's just waiting for the children to arrive. I try to tidy up the work table, and perhaps put out a few activities, and throw on NPR to listen to some news & classical music. This day was funny, no one showed up until around 7:30.
Then the day was rolling! Much activity, and I believe we had around 12 or so children (ranging in ages from 2-4). Today was going to be a fun one, because we had a picnic planned at rolling hills. Rolling hills is a big park with wouldn't you know it rolling hills across the street from the Kula Hospital, just moments from the school. We all walk up there with a wagon full of our lunches, a parachute to spread out an have our picnic on, and just run around. I remember feeling sort of tired around this time of the day, but enjoying watching the children scurry around. We had so much fun! This is my last memory of that day. I don't even remember getting on the bike.
All of what I am about to tell you now is what I have heard from the few people that have been up to my house in the last couple of days. I went my regular route from school which includes cycling past Rice Park on Lower Kula Rd. and eventually crossing Naele Rd. It is my understanding it was around this area that the crash happened. The seventh grade class from Haleakala Waldorf School was on a field trip that day (thank goodness) and I apparently waved to some of the children, then a car behind me honked. This combined with the road being a fairly steep downhill (and I love to fly down that hill!) and with much gravel, and a somewhat sharp curve to it caused me to go over the handle bars and land on my chin/left jaw/left shoulder. I have been told the 7th grade teacher, held me until the ambulance arrived. Children and a parent collected my teeth (ew!), and they simply supported me until the medics arrived. I was told just yesterday even at that point I was joking around and keeping the mood somewhat light. Before this accident, way back in the 3rd grade I had to get a fake front right tooth. So when the children told me I lost 5 teeth, I assured them it was only really 4. I don't remember any of this, but it is sufficient for move on from.
Going to the ER is a roll of the dice as far as what doctors one is hooked up with. Matt & his sister Jessica were there with me. They said I didn't have to wait at all, and when Jessica saw Dr. Gelpin roll into the ER she was very excited and relieved that I had the best plastic surgeon working on me, as she works in the medical profession and knows who all these doctors are. It took three hours or so. I had a big hole/gash right beside by left eye, my chin was split open (now I have a metal plate in there), my lips also have lots of stitches too. By the way stitches are out on Monday the 22nd!
My first consciousness was in the hospital on Saturday sometime. I was on so much morphine (boo!) it's all sort of hazy. In fact Saturday night I talked my nurse into giving me a double dose and promptly threw up. This was good though, because I was really afraid of what that might be like with a wired mouth. It was fine. Sneezing on the other hand is SO NOT COOL. I digress...
So that's my story & I'm not sticking to it! However, I am way past that point just one week ago and feel like I can move on from the mystery of it all.
My face is no longer swollen like a giant pumpkin. One of the first times I saw my face was in the reflection of a window. I couldn't even see my ears my head was so big. It was like Sputnik! I no longer have Jabba the Hutt face. I look like I just got a fresh chemical peel. Fresh new skin. Speaking of fresh new skin, gotta go wash my face & get ready for my massage later. Thanks Linda! I love you all and please if you feel like you want to do something, just concentrate on sending me healing thoughts. That's all I need.

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