Thursday, December 31, 2009


New Years Eve already?!
Holy cow, this has been quite a year. Quite a decade!

I am looking forward to tonights festivities. Matt's parents always have a great party complete with black eyed pea & ham soup, Creme Brulee, Baked Alaska (Matt's dad Steve is the Pastry Chef at Makena Resort), and of course FIREWORKS! We are going to go to Longs later this afternoon with my parents to pick up some fireworks! It's fun, because fireworks are illegal in the Southwest, so it's always a treat to just walk into a store and buy some. When I lived in Arizona, we would travel to the Indian reservations on the Arizona, New Mexico border to buy fireworks. For some reason you could get them there year round. Then it was just a matter of finding a spot to burn them...

On Tuesday I had my check up with Dr. Galpin. He was amazing. My parents and Matt accompanied me in the examination room, and when he came in he said, "Holy Crap!, Why are there fourteen people in here? Who's the patient?" I raised my hand. He was on. He had me lie down and took a quick scan of my face, and commented on my progress. Then he asked if there were any questions. My dad had a few, one of which was why would a plastic surgeon do work on my jaw? He said he was called in because there was so much damage to my face (he had to stitch up my chin and put a metal plate in there, my upper lip, and two gashes by my left eye) and he of course also knew how to wire my fractured jaw (in two places). He then told us that being the Chief Surgeon of Maui Memorial Hospital, that my accident made him miss his own Christmas party. If I can do it, I would love to make it up to Dr. Galpin, and throw him a Christmas party in July!
Then came the really great news: on Jan. 15th, I have my pre-op appointment. We will discuss all the detail of my surgery scheduled for the 20th to remove the wires, and hardware from my jaw. Woo hoo! I wonder if I will talk less. Matt's sister Jessica told me I may not be able to open my jaw very wide at first. Not using those muscles for 6 weeks, is just like not using any muscles for that amount of time. Then it will be on to phase two. My teeth. I have contacted Jeannette the 7th grade teacher at Waldorf about retreiving my top 5, and Jess has my one bottom. I am hoping having the originals will help with the "construction" of my new ones. I have already made an appointment with Dr. Clark my orthodontist on the 21st to start doing all my paperwork with him.
That brings me to another piece of amazingly great news. When Carolyn was here we went to the hospital with my mom as well, to turn in the remaining piece of my paperwork for Quest. My caseworker was not in the office, but the woman who looked at my bank statement said it looked good. Sounds like I may have insurance for all this stuff.
Well, I'm off to go feed the chickens. Matt and I went on an early morning moonlit walk with the kitties this morning (at 6 AM), so they have already been fed, as has our bunny rabbit Oona. I think I will do another session of pilates too. I started yesterday, and it felt great. My flexibility is nearly gone, so it felt great to stretch, and get sore. Going from cycling 30 miles a week to nothing is taking it's toll, but I will combat it!
Happy New Year!

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